Theresa Gehri























A natural healer, and originally from Switzerland, I'm a certified massage therapist. I have a background in Pranic Healing, Reiki and the Fine Arts, making bodywork a natural offshoot and the perfect outlet for my creative penchants.


Like painting and sculpting, I approach the body like a work of art: Swedish petrissage helps to invigorate and sculpt the muscles. Every massage is different—and a discovery of the amazing science behind the body.

My extensive education and innovative outlook makes me well-suited to work with a variety of clients. Some clients just need to speak their mind; others want a quiet and a soothing massage they can fall asleep to and wake up refreshed from. Highly aware of the different needs of my clients, I carefully tailor each massage so that individual wellness goals may be met.

Tips on how to prolong the benefits of a massage: I teach my clients relaxation meditation they can use during a massage and anytime after. If they like, I also teach my clients reflexology pertaining to their symptoms at the time, so they can massage their hands and feet during a bath or sitting and watching TV."

Throughout my career, my experience has spanned from chiropractic offices to spa settings. I have special expertise in relieving stress in the back and neck area.
I'm certified in Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and Amma. I offer table and chair massages in clients' homes and offices and at events and parties. Clients who visit me in my office studio can receive hot stones massages.