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My experience with Theresa's massages was rejuvenating and relaxing at the same time. My neck and lower back have herniated discs, accompanied by constant stiffness and pain. I was able to enjoy an extended period of relief after a massage session with Theresa. It helped me to loosen stiffness in joints, and release years of accumulated tension. 
Anita M.

My massage with Theresa was incredible. She knew exactly the source of my tension and worked it out very nicely. I went to her with Sciatica which is a numbing pain that pulsates down the legs. After 45 minutes of massage the pain and numbness went away and immediately felt better. The pain hasn't returned since! My experience with her was a great healing experience. She is polite and caring. I would suggest to everyone I know to see Theresa for her therapy.
Michael G. 

Theresa was my Massage Therapist for a year.  She has moved on to better things and is no longer with the place I currently go, covered under my Insurance.
She is awesome.  If I was in pain or feeling like I had knots in my Back, I knew that I could call Theresa to take care of me.  I always felt 100% after my treatments.  She is very knowledgeable and cares about her clients.  She goes the extra mile to make people feel better.  I will miss having her as my therapist.


Vincent Arevalo

My experience with Ms. Gehri was quite beneficial. Right from the beginning I knew she was going to help, especially in the areas of chronic tightness and pain. She was very insightful and able to work deeply the areas that were especially tight. Unfortunately, my body is a bit tweaked and needs different levels of attention. She was able to adjust accordingly the amounts of pressure. Overall my experience has been very positive, and left me wanting more. What impressed me the most was her level of professionalism and her ability to explain to me why certain areas hold onto stress more than others. I have been fortunate to have been under the care of Ms. Gehri several times, and would recommend her services without hesitation, especially to those who have a high level of chronic muscle tightness like myself.

Orlando Delbert



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